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Brief Guide to the Leading Supplier of Commercial Outdoor Shade Structures in Brisbane

Watching or taking part in outdoor activities can become highly uncomfortable especially during the hot summer season. Commercial shade structures create comfortable outdoor spaces to enable such activities to take place even under the blazing sun. This is the reason why shade structures are widely used in public places such as parks, playgrounds, school outdoor recreational areas, swimming pools, parking lots, leisure areas and more. However, it is necessary to opt for high quality shade structures only which are engineered to effectively withstand severe weather conditions and provide complete protection against UV.

Vector Shade Structures is a highly reputed supplier of commercial shade products including Industrial Shade Structures Brisbane. We offer the most suitable commercial shading solutions depending upon a host of factors such as design goals, space, type of venue and budget. Our shade structures not only score high on functionality and durability but also create appealing outdoor settings. We also have over 100 years of experience in the field of outdoor shade structures.

Diverse Range of Outdoor Shade Structures

Vector Shade Structures provides custom-made Industrial Shade Structures Brisbane. We have adapted our shade structures to suit multiple types of industries such as construction, oil and gas, mining, power generation and more. Our industrial shade structures are used for a number of purposes including warehouses, dry dock covers, sunshades and worker break and lunch areas. Moreover, our industrial shade structures are fire resistant and provide excellent UV protection. We also manufacture hard roofed shade structures for many other settings such as playgrounds, parks, tennis courts, stadiums, nurseries and more.

We also offer shade sail structures for covering large areas. A shade sails is made of a fabric stretched under tension across multiple anchors. Our shade sails are waterproof and provide complete protection against the sun, wind and rain. We use the best quality fabrics and hardware for making and setting up the shade sails.

Solar shade structures and outdoor umbrellas also feature among our outdoor shade products. Our solar shade structures serve the dual functions of insulation and electricity generation.

Designing, Manufacturing and Installation

Vector Shade Structures provides end-to-end services, right from designing and fabrication to installation of the shade structure itself. Our engineering and design team tailors the shade structures to the terrain, local weather conditions and other features of the sites where they are to be installed. We work with the country’s leading fabric designers, steel suppliers and fabrication companies to manufacture our commercial shade structures which surpass the Australian standards.

Our installation teams have the expertise and equipment to carry out quick and hassle-free installations while meeting the highest standards.

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