Dedicated Specialised Professionals


VECTOR Shade Structures offer highly specialised services and products in one off designs of shade sails, commercial shade structures, solar solutions and commercial umbrellas.


Utilising the expertise and services of some of the best suppliers and tradespeople in the country, VECTOR Shade Structures ensures that your project is delivered on time, on budget and with unsurpassed quality.

VECTOR offers design, fabrication and construct, and installation services:


VECTOR Shade Structures has been awarded by STA and IFA for a number of projects over the past few years.



We earn your trust with unmatched levels of service across all our projects, not matter the size.

At VECTOR Shade Structures we offer un-parallel customer service focusing on the specific personal needs of each client. Asking the right questions to ensure the project is designed and installed to meet the clients every requirement.

Our staff are people with a profound commitment to personal service and quality control. All our projects, no matter the size will receive the same amount of attention to detail and exceptional service.

VCETOR Shade Structures are able to offer the highest quality products available at reduced rates due to small overheads and utilizing the long standing relationships with some of the worlds leading contractors and suppliers.

Having designated project managers assigned to individual clients results in greater interaction. The client is updated frequently and haves excellent suppliers we ensure delivery on time and on budget.

Our in-house quality checklist, in conjunction with our suppliers ISO recognition, maintains the highest standards on every project.


Offering an end to end service from design through to installation, VECTOR Shade Solutions prides itself on its proven process.


Our multi award winning engineering and design team specialising in tensioned large span shade structures. We can create the initial concepts based on a site survey and site discussion to ensure what is quoted on is exactly the structure to meet your requirements. All structures that are installed by VECTOR Shade Structures are engineered to their specific location ensuring that no matter what the weather event, high winds, storms or cyclones your structure will still be standing.

FABRICATE & construct

VECTOR Shade Structures utilise some of the best fabric designers and patteners in the world ensures that your sail is designed to fit first time. In partnership with the country’s best steel suppliers, laser cutting and fabrication companies ensures that all of our steel fabrication will meet and surpass Australian Standards.


The right equipment for the right job! Our installation teams have some of the most experience of any crews in the world. Having such experience ensures our structures are installed to the highest standards using the correct equipment.