Solar Solutions

commercial solar panels are fast becoming the “go-to” option

With the current costs of electricity consistently increasing more and more people are looking towards alternate energy sources. Working in conjunction with our solar partners we can offer the correct solar solution for your commercial project.

Instead of using traditional roofing methods for a car park or shade structure, why not consider using commercial solar panels to create a completely waterproof structure that generates power to your centre or establishment?

Environmentally friendly, cost-effective and visually discrete, commercial solar panels are fast becoming the “go-to” option for residential, commercial and industrial business everywhere.

VECTOR Shade Structures offers solar panels Australia-wide, helping customers in the Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast areas take advantage of their plentiful sunshine.

Solar panels offer the opportunity to significantly reduce your electricity bills and help you do your part for the environment. Increasingly becoming streamlined, solar panels are no longer the bulky eyesores they used to be. Easily installed and maintained, our suppliers can even offer no upfront costs for your panels (conditions apply).

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Car parks SOLAR

Designed and engineered to the highest of standards, VECTOR Shade Structures car park solar solutions are the perfect addition to your commercial building or centre. From basic structures to full cover to protect your clients/staff from the harshest of weather, VECTOR offers a one stop shop. Site surveys, drafting, engineering, council approvals, civil, electrical, site security, safety and full installations.


Crafted with precision and quality in mind, VECTOR Shade Structures offers high-quality commercial solar solutions, ideal for enhancing your commercial building or centre. Whether you require basic structures or full coverage, we’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive services include site surveys, drafting, engineering, council approvals, civil work, electrical setup, site security, safety measures, and seamless installations.


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