Industrial Shade Canopy Gold Coast

Premium Quality Commercial Shade Structures on the Gold Coast

Effective utilisation of outdoor spaces for a number of commercial purposes is enabled by shade structures. The shade structures provide protection to the customers and guests against the harsh UV rays of the sun and keep the temperature cooler in the area even during the hot summer months. Eye-catching shade structures also help in drawing attention to the business establishments. Vector Shade Structures is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-end end shade structures of multiple formats including fabric shade structures and Industrial Shade Canopy Gold Coast. Our specialist engineers and designers conduct site surveys and tailor the shade structures in accordance with the specific features of the locations. We partner with the best steel suppliers, laser cutting experts and fabrication companies to manufacture our range of shade structures. In addition, we also carry out the installation process using the highest quality, modern equipment.
Hard Roof Shade Structures

Vector Shade Structures offers permanent hard roof shade structures featuring colorbond roofing or insulated panels. With respect to design, we are capable of manufacturing all kinds of hard roof shades such as COLAS, pergolas, cantilevers, gazebos and more. We have qualified builders and fabricators to create hard roof structures of any size and span.

Our hard roof shade structures are available for a number of commercial purposes. For instance, we offer the best Industrial Shade Canopy Gold Coast customised for tough industrial environments in a host of sectors such as mining, manufacturing, power generation and many more.

Fabric Shade Structures

Vector Shade Structures offers shade sails structures. Shade sails feature a fabric stretched across multiple anchor points under tension which gives an appearance of the sails of ships. Our shade sails are robust and provide maximum protection against UV. Moreover, we provide the shade sails in a number of colors to ensure perfect fit with the surrounding architecture.

Whether it is for car parks or outdoor stadiums or large-scale commercial projects, we offer the best shade sails solutions to cater to the exact needs of our customers.

Other Shade Structures

Vector Shade Structures also offers solar shade structures featuring solar panels. The solar panels not only provide insulation and waterproofing but also generate electricity for the property. We manage the entire process, right from site surveys, engineering and installations. From basic structures to full coverage, our solar shade solutions fulfil diverse requirements.

Outdoor Umbrellas

Heavy-duty outdoor umbrellas also feature among our shade structures. The frames of our outdoor umbrellas are custom fabricated from grade 350 steel. Other features include high frequency welding, grade 8.8 structural bolts and marine grade paint. We provide a 10-year warranty on the frame and a 15-year warranty on the fabric.




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