Custom Made Shade Sails Gold Coast

Custom Made Shade Sails Gold Coast

Shade sails are very versatile, and you can use them almost anywhere. Many commercial complexes also use shade sails, and you will find them commonly in supermarkets, stadiums and even car parks. Most people get pre-designed shade sails, but there is something impressive about the custom-made shade sails. You are on the right page if you are looking for Custom-made Shade Sails Gold Coast.

We at Vector Shade Structures provide you with a range of custom-made shade sails for commercial purposes. These can be used anywhere, and we never compromise on product quality. Our custom-made shade sails from us are very cost-effective, and we have served many clients on the Gold Coast, and they are happy with our custom solutions.

How are Custom-made Shade Sales Designed at Vector Shade Structures?

At Vector Shade Structures, we have an engineering-first culture. We take pride in our procedures. The first step of designing a custom-made shade sails is to visit the site and get an idea of the location. After this, our designers design the shade sails digitally. We assess the structure and look at variables like wind speed, weather formations, storm patterns and other a lot more. Once the engineering team approves the design, the custom-made shade sail design is sent to the manufacturing unit for fabrication and construction. We use high-precision laser cutting and fabrication techniques to meet quality standards. In the last step, we come to your location with the necessary equipment and install the shade sails to complete the job.

Do I have a Choice of Material and Colour?

Yes, at Vector Shade Structures we have a variety of colours and materials available. When you contact us, we can share all the available options and give you a recommendation based on the size and purpose of the shade sails that you are purchasing. We even have colours that can blend with the surroundings and hence help you with the landscaping project. In addition, all the materials that we use provide you with protection from UV rays.

How to Order a Custom-made Shade Sail?

If you want to order a custom-made shade sail, you can connect with us over the phone or by email. We will seek your requirements and visit the site to assess the location. Once complete, we will design the shade sails and start fabrication. Our projects are completed to the highest standard, and we always finish them on time and on budget.




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