Commercial Shade Sails Queensland

We are the leading designer, manufacturer and installer of Commercial Shade Sails in Queensland

Commercial shade structures are widely used to cover outdoor spaces such as outdoor restaurants, playgrounds, exhibitions, and more. The purpose of installing a shade structure is to protect both the objects and humans from the sun’s UV rays and create a cool environment in the outdoor space despite the burning sun.

Vector Shade Structures is a leading company offering comprehensive services from designing to installing commercial shade structures, including Commercial Shade Sails Queensland. The shade structures are designed based on site surveys and tailor-made to suit the specific weather conditions of the particular locations. The shade structures are constructed using the latest technology and the best quality steel, fabric, and other materials. We also install the structures using the correct equipment and experienced installers.

Shade Sail Structures

Shade Sail Structures resemble the sails used in boats, hence the name. They usually come in three or four-post designs with the columns varying in height. The shade sail structures can be used as a standalone structure to cover the entire space or grouped in layers. Shade Sails are particularly suited for open-air venues and outdoor spaces with large areas. They also improve the aesthetics of the venue significantly. 

Vector offers high-end Commercial Shade Sails Queensland for all commercial outdoor spaces, such as stadiums, car parks, playgrounds, outdoor nurseries, schools, kindergartens, and more. Apart from commercial, shade sails are also offered for homes. The shade sails are waterproof, UV resistant, and designed to complement the surrounding architecture. They also come in a plethora of colours.

Hard Roof Structures

Hard roof structures are long-lasting shading systems. They are customizable and highly durable architectural shading solutions. UV block provided by hard roof structures is superior as compared to other kinds of shading structures. They can also be designed to withstand cyclones and other harsh weather conditions. Corrosion resistance can also be imparted to hard roof structures. 

Vector designs fabricates, and installs hard roof structures for a number of commercial spaces such as car park structures, covered areas for schools/military/mining/agriculture, playgrounds, public spaces, and more. Regardless of the span of the outdoor area, this company provides the best hard roof structure specially designed for that space.

Solar Panels

Vector offers solar panels as an alternative to conventional shading structures and roofing for car parks. The solar panels act as a waterproof shade for the building and generate electrical power. Both residential and commercial buildings are widely using solar panels. 

All aspects, from site survey and council approvals to installation and maintenance of the solar panels, are managed by Vector.

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Vector offers the best shading structures at reasonable rates. It has completed many shading projects for all types of outdoor spaces. Only ISO-certified suppliers are used to procure materials for making various shading structures.



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