Sun Shade Structures Commercial Gold Coast

Kinds of Shade Structures to Redefine Outdoor Space

Sun-shade structures offer unique ambiance and functionality to the outdoor space. Especially outdoor space that has incorporated architectural details like arches, columns, and other characters elevates the overall aesthetic appeal of the outdoor space and creates a focal point. Sun Shade Structures Commercial Gold Coast plays a key role in transforming the outdoor space into a convenient outdoor entertaining area. Personalised shade structures are the best way to showcase your style and character, however, choosing the right style and location elevates or detracts the overall aesthetic of the outdoor area.

Vector Shade Structures specialises in constructing, fabricating, designing and installing temporary and permanent shade structures on the Gold Coast. We offer high-quality services for varied shade structures such as solar panelled shade structures, shade sails, umbrellas and large scale commercial projects.

Shade Sails Structures:

Shade sails are made of a flexible membrane that usually comprises high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fabric. The structure creates a canopy-like covering and is known for its modern and minimalist design. The key purpose is to provide effective sun protection for commercial applications.

For commercial applications such as restaurants, cafes, resorts and parks, the minimalistic modern look of shade sails adds a unique style and character to these commercial spaces. Restaurateurs are inclined towards setting up recreational spaces for their customers and guests, as the guests are more interested in spending time with their families at eateries. Shade sails are a perfect fit for such play areas and activity areas.

Umbrella Shades:

Large umbrella structures are a perfect fit for the poolside lounges, patios and outdoor dining areas. Vector Shade Structures offers high-quality outdoor umbrellas that are built with sturdy frames, which are made of high-grade steel or aluminium. They are preferred in spaces where the users prefer to have shades at one time and go without shades at other times. Since these outdoor umbrellas can be opened and closed as per convenience, it excites both users and owners of the space due to their convenience.

The fabric used for these umbrella shades is made of quality fabrics that offer a sleek modern look to the space. There are other varieties that customers would like to prefer between modern-looking fabric and rustic natural look.

Solar Roofing Structures:

Applications that require permanent shading solutions often go for solar roofing structures instead of conventional ones, as they are more efficient in saving energy and offer protection for the space. Vector Shade Structures offers full-service support right from installation to carrying out maintenance and other related services.

Investing in high-quality shades for the outdoor space offers numerous benefits beyond enhancing the look of the space. Overall shades are not simply for sun protection or weather protection, they are for enhanced comfort and the customisation options make them more desirable.




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