Permanent Shade Structures Gold Coast

Premium Grade Shade Structures of Various Kinds on the Gold Coast

Outdoor space such as backyard, playground, garden and others can be turned into a cool and comfortable sanctuary with the help of a shade structure. The shade structure protects the people gathered under it from the harsh rays of the sun, rain, wind and other weather elements. The need for covered outdoor areas arises for a number of commercial purposes such as exhibitions, concerts, alfresco dining and more. 

Vector Shade Structures specialises in designing, constructing and installing both temporary and Permanent Shade Structures Gold Coast. This company offers high-end services for multiple kinds of shade structures such as shade sails, hard roof structures and solar panelled shade structures. In addition, it also deals in outdoor umbrellas. The shade structures are offered for commercial purposes.

Shade Sails Structures

Shade Sails are shading structures featuring a special grade fabric anchored between various points such as poles and tensioned across a frame. Unlike awnings, shade sail structures are not attached to any permanent structure such as the building’s walls but are standalone structures. The tensioned fabric resembles the sails of a boat, hence the name. Shade Sails can be taken down whenever required.

Vector offers aesthetically appealing and highly functional shade sails. The shade sails provide maximum protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun. They come in a plethora of materials and colours and are designed to blend in with the surrounding architecture.

Shade Sails are provided for many kinds of outdoor areas such as covered play areas, basketball courts, commercial parking and more.

Hard Roof Structures

Hard Roof Structures are permanent shade structures having a solid roof supported by sturdy columns. The roof of the structure can be made of colorbond sheeting or any other material. The hard roof provides complete protection against sun and other weather elements. They are of multiple varieties such as pergolas, arbours, pavilions and more.

Vector designs and builds Hard Roof or Permanent Shade Structures Gold Coast. High-strength hard roof structures of various designs are offered for walkways, car parks, large playgrounds, mines, military facilities and more.

Solar Roofing Structures
Vector also offers permanent shading structures featuring solar panels instead of conventional roofs. Such structures not only provide protection against rain and sun but also generate electrical power which leads to energy savings for the establishment. Complete services right from installation to maintenance are provided for the solar panels.
Outdoor Umbrellas

Vector also has outdoor umbrellas for commercial purposes in its portfolio of shading solutions. The high-quality outdoor umbrellas have sturdy frames made of 350-graded steel or aluminium. The fabric is canvas, waterproof PVC or mesh.

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Vector specially designs the shading structures to suit the conditions of particular outdoor areas where they are to be installed. Expert fabricators and installers are used to construct and set up the shading structures.




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