Permanent Outdoor Shade Structures Gold Coast

Best Shading Solutions for Outdoor Areas on the Gold Coast

A shade structure is a temporary or permanent structure featuring a roof supported by columns. The function of a shade structure is to create a cool and comfortable outdoor space. The major advantages of a shade structure include protection against the glare and UV rays of the sun and provide a sanctuary even under pouring rain or snowfall.

Vector Shade Structures specialises in designing, constructing, and installing multiple kinds of outdoor shade structures for commercial applications. It is a premier company for Permanent Outdoor Shade Structures Gold Coast and also for temporary shade structures.

Temporary Shade Structures

Vector Shade Structures offers temporary shade structures such as shade sails and outdoor umbrellas. Shade Sails are outdoor shade structures featuring a canopy resembling the sails of a boat. In shade sails structure, a flexible fabric is stretched under tension across multiple anchor points such as poles. The main advantage of shade sails is that it can cover a large area more swiftly and at lesser cost as compared to other kinds of canopy structures. It is also highly effective to shade areas with high sun exposure. Vector provides shade sails for a multiple types of outdoor areas such as nurseries, playgrounds, patios, stadiums and more.

Outdoor Umbrellas are much bigger than conventional umbrellas and create comfortable outdoor spaces. Vector manufactures outdoor umbrellas for commercial purposes. The outdoor umbrellas are custom made and provide effective protection against the UV rays of the sun. The fabric can be waterproof PVC, mesh or canvas. The frame is constructed of 350-graded steel or lightweight aluminium. A warranty of 15 years on the fabric and 10 years on the frame is provided in case of commercial outdoor umbrellas.

Permanent Shade Structures

Vector offers high-end Permanent Outdoor Shade Structures Gold Coast.This company designs and manufactures hard roof shade structures. The hard roof structures do not feature fabric but a proper hard roof made of colorbond sheeting or other roofing materials. The roof is supported by permanent structures such as pillars. Hard roof structures are built for a number of outdoor areas such as car parks, alfresco dining areas and large scale outdoor areas such as bowling greens, mines, tennis courts and more.

Vector also specialises in erecting solar panelled outdoor shade structures. In such a structure, solar panels make up the roof instead of conventional roofing materials. The solar panels generate electricity which reduces the power bill of the home or commercial establishment. Solar panelled outdoor shade structures are built for car parks and other outdoor areas. The solar panels are installed and maintained by Vector.

Choose Vector Shade Structures of your Permanent Outdoor Shade Structures Gold Coast

Vector designs the shade structures in accordance with the local weather conditions of the places where they are to be installed. The company uses the best fabric designers, steel suppliers and fabricators to create high quality shade structures.




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