Pavilion Shade Structures Gold Coast

Pavilion Shade Structures Gold Coast

For commercial purposes such as outdoor exhibitions or concerts or restaurants, the basic requirement is a shade structure. A shade structure has a roof or canopy which is supported by columns or other means and it provides protection against the harsh UV rays of the sun, rain and other weather elements, thereby creating a cosy outdoor area.

Vector Shade Structures is a premier company specialising in designing, manufacturing, and installing a host of shade structures. We offer high-quality shade sails, solar panelled shade structures, outdoor umbrellas and hard roof structures such as Pavilion Shade Structures Gold Coast. Our services encompass both small and large projects for commercial establishments.

High-end Shade Sails Structures

A shade sail is a structure in which the canopy is formed by its fabric stretched across many anchor points such as poles or wall attachments. The fabric under tension appears like the sails of a boat, hence the name. Multiple shade sails can be used in layers to cover large areas.

Vector Shade Structures makes shade sails for outdoor play areas, outdoor nurseries, car parks and many more. We offer shade sails in a number of materials and colours to blend in with the surrounding architecture perfectly. Our shade sails are also highly rated in terms of protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Multiple Types of Hard Roof Structures

Vector Shade Structures offers many types of hard roof shade structures such as COLAS, pergolas and Pavilion Shade Structures Gold Coast. We manufacture highly sturdy hard roof shade structures featuring solid roofs made of Colorbond sheeting or other roofing materials and strong pillars.

Our wide range of hard roof structures are suited for car parks, playgrounds and stadiums, shopping centres, outdoor restaurants and much more.

Innovative Solar Solutions

Vector Shade Structures offers a unique kind of shade structure in which the roof is not made of conventional roofing materials but commercial solar panels. The solar panels generate electricity for commercial establishment while providing protection against the UV rays of the sun.

We have expert installers for solar panels and manage every process such as site survey, council approval, site security and maintenance.

Commercial Outdoor Umbrellas

Vector Shade Structures offers commercial outdoor umbrellas. Our outdoor umbrellas are lightweight, retractable, and transportable while the commercial outdoor umbrellas are fixed heavy-duty variants designed to withstand strong winds.

We use waterproof PVC or high quality mesh or canvas for the fabric of our outdoor umbrellas. The frame material is either 350-graded steel or lightweight aluminium.

Professional Commercial Outdoor Umbrellas

Vector Shade Structures customise the shade structures as per their locations. We carry out thorough site surveys to determine the local weather elements, surrounding architecture and more. We work with premier fabricators and steel suppliers to make the shade structures and have expert installers.




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