Landscape Shade Structures Brisbane

Premium Commercial Landscape Shade Structures in Brisbane

Commercial landscape shade structures are designed to provide protection against UV rays and other weather elements, besides beautifying outdoor spaces. They are used in a number of commercial settings, right from hospitality areas to car parks. Businesses tend to increase their service areas by expanding their indoor spaces with the help of commercial shade structures. Altogether, shade structures convert hot non-usable areas into cool and comfortable areas for multiple purposes.

Vector Shade Structures provides outdoor shade structures for all kinds of commercial properties. Our range of commercial Landscape Shade Structures Brisbane include hard roof shades, shade sails and solar shade structures. We use the highest-grade materials and latest fabrication technologies to construct our shade structures. All our shade structures are engineered to provide maximum protection against the elements and are highly durable and sturdy.

Commercial Shade Sails Structures

Vector Shade Structures offers shade sails structures for covering large-scale outdoor areas in a host of commercial establishments such as commercial car parks, covered sporting areas, walkways, canteens, pool areas and more. Shade sails are a safe, practical and engaging way to protect the customers and outdoor equipment against harsh weather elements. The canopy of a shade sails structure is made by a fabric stretched across anchor points of multiple kinds such as posts, poles and wall brackets.

Our shade sails come in a variety of shapes including triangle, rectangular and square. We custom design the shade sails as per the unique features of the sites. All our shade sails are designed to provide maximum UV protection. Furthermore, the fabrics used to build our shade sails are fully waterproof, tear resistant and fireproof.

Other Commercial Shade Structures

Vector Shade Structures also provides permanent or hard roofed Landscape Shade Structures Brisbane for commercial playgrounds, outdoor restaurants, shopping centres, car parks, basketball courts, stadiums and other commercial properties. These are highly durable and have longer life spans as compared to shade sails and other kinds of fabric shade structures. We are capable of manufacturing multiple kinds of permanent hard roofed shade structures for outdoor areas. These include colas, gazebos and pavilions.

Solar shade structures also feature among our shading solutions. We offer solar shading solutions for outdoor car parking areas in multiple kinds of commercial establishments such as offices, shopping centres, manufacturing facilities and more. Solar shade structures feature photo-voltaic panels on the roof which tap into the solar energy to provide electricity to the property. We create a completely waterproof structure which also provides power to your establishment. Each and every step of the process such as site survey, designing, engineering, council approval, electrical setup, site security and installation is managed by our experts.

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