Commercial Pool Shade Structures Gold Coast

Expertly Designed and Constructed Commercial Shade Structures in Gold Coast

Outdoor spaces have a lot of utilities for commercial purposes such as exhibitions, concerts, outdoor dining and more but the harsh rays of the sun and weather elements make the outdoor spaces uncomfortable for people. The best way to convert outdoor spaces into comfortable sanctuaries is by installing shade structures. Shade structures can be temporary or permanent. They are characterised by hard or soft roof supported on posts or pillars. The overhead canopy formed by a shade structure provides protection against the UV rays of the sun, wind, hail, snow and other weather elements, thereby converting an outdoor space into a comfortable space.

Vector Shade Structures provides highly specialised services to design and construct various kinds of shade structures. We offer hard roof shade structures of multiple types including Commercial Pool Shade Structures Gold Coast along with temporary shade structures such as shade sails. Our collection of shade structures also includes solar panelled shade structures and outdoor umbrellas.

Commercial Hard Roof Shade Structures

Vector Shade Structures is proficient in constructing multiple kinds of hard roof shade structures such as colas, pergolas, gazebos and more. Whether it is Colorbond sheeting or conventional roofing materials, we specialise in using both kinds of materials to create hard roof shade structures.

We offer Commercial Pool Shade Structures Gold Coast to cover large swimming pools in clubs and hotels. Our hard roof shade structures are also used for a number of other commercial purposes such as large scale covered areas for playgrounds/agricultural fields/mines/military installations, covered car parks, alfresco dining areas, covered basketball courts and more.

Shade Sail Structures

Shade Sails feature a canopy made of fabric stretched across multiple anchor points such as wall attachments and poles. The stretched canopy resembles the sails of a boat, hence the name.

Vector Shade Structures offers waterproof shade sails with high UV protection features in a number of colours and materials. Our shade sail structures are available for a range of purposes such as outdoor nurseries, kindergartens, playgrounds, venues for functions and others.

Solar Shade Structures

Vector Shade Structures offers a special kind of shade structure called solar shade. Instead of conventional roofing materials, we use solar panels for making such shade structures. The solar panels not only provide insulation and waterproofing but also generate electricity. We offer complete services right from site surveys and council approvals to installations and maintenance.

Outdoor Umbrellas

Vector Shade Structures offers a wide range of heavy-duty outdoor umbrellas for commercial purposes. The fabric of the umbrellas can be waterproof PVC, high quality mesh or canvas. The frames are constructed of 350-grade steel or lightweight aluminium.

How We can Help

Vector Shade Structures builds shade structures based on site surveys. As a result, our shade structures are engineered as per the specific locations where they are to be installed. We utilise the best fabric designers, steel suppliers and fabricators to create high-end shade structures.




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