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High-end Shade Structures for commercial use in Brisbane

Outdoor shade structures are widely used by commercial properties to protect their customers, guests and visitors from the heat and ultraviolet rays of the sun. Efficient utilisation of outdoor spaces is made possible by outdoor structures which create a comfortable sanctuary for multiple kinds of outdoor activities. Moreover, shade structures also enhance the aesthetics of outdoor areas. There are multiple types of commercial shade structures with respect to type, design, material and other features.

Vector Shade Structures is an expert in designing and constructing highly functional eye-catching shade structures for commercial establishments. We offer a wide range of hard roofed outdoor shade structures including Commercial Pool Shade Structures Brisbane along with shade sails, solar shade structures and outdoor umbrellas. Our shade structures are customised to suit the specific conditions of the sites, space and budget requirements of our customers.

Hard Roofed Shade Structures

Hard roofed shades are suitable for commercial establishments seeking durable and architectural shade solutions. The roof is usually made of colorbond sheeting or metal such as steel. Multiple posts support the structure. Hard roof structures not only create a permanent outdoor covered space but also adds to the aesthetics of the place.

Vector Shade Structures offers well-designed hard roof Commercial Pool Shade Structures Brisbane. Apart from pools, the shade structures are available for many other commercial applications, such as outdoor restaurants, stadiums, car parks, commercial playgrounds and more. We have the expertise to create multiple kinds of hard roof shade structures. Some of them are as follows

  • Gazebo: It features a solid roof and partially open sides. The shape can be octagonal or oval or rectangular.
  • Pavilion: It is a hard roofed outdoor shade structure with completely open sides. The roof is usually supported by 4-6 posts depending upon the size

Shade Sail Structures

Shade sails are an outdoor shade structure designed to provide protection against sun and rain. A shade sail structure features a fabric membrane stretched under tension across multiple anchor points in the form of posts, columns or building brackets. The tensioned fabric stands strongly against winds and efficiently sheds rainwater. Thus, the design principle of a shade sail is based on ship sails. Shade sails are widely used to cover large areas.


Vector Shade Structures offers high quality commercial shade sails for car parks, playgrounds, stadiums, outdoor nurseries, play areas, alfresco areas and other spaces. Our shade sails provide maximum protection against UV and are available in a wide range of materials and a variety of colours to blend in seamlessly with the surrounding architecture. With respect to design, we make multiple kinds of shade sails including fixed and retractable.

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