Commercial Metal Shade Structures Brisbane

Best Shade Structures for Commercial Usage in Brisbane

Outdoor shade structures are widely used in commercial properties for creating covered seating areas, covered outdoor restaurants, covered swimming pools, covered walkways and more. The major function of an outdoor shade structures is to protect the customers against the intense heat and sun, and harsh weather elements such as rain and strong winds. Furthermore, shade structures also add to the indoor spaces of the commercial establishments and improve the visual appeal of the outdoor spaces.

Vector Shade Structures is a leading supplier of commercial outdoor shade structures. We are highly skilled and awarded in designing and manufacturing multiple types of commercial shade structures such as solar shade structures, shade sails and permanent shade structures including Commercial Metal Shade Structures Brisbane. All our shade structures are custom-designed on the basis of site surveys. We partner with the best steel suppliers and laser cutting and fabrication companies to manufacture high-end shade structures.

Permanent Shade Structures

Vector Shade Structures provides multiple types of permanent outdoor shade structures. Permanent structures are commonly used to cover large areas and convert them into comfortable spaces for prolonged periods. We combine premium engineering, design and architectural elements to create permanent shade structures which stand the test of time.

Depending upon the exact requirements of our clients, we create various kinds of permanent shade structures. For instance, we build Commercial Metal Shade Structures Brisbane to create large covered areas for schools, agricultural facilities, military installations, playgrounds, car parks and more. The roofs of our metal shade structures can be made of steel or aluminium and the customers can also choose to add electrical cut-outs and outlets to install lights, fans and other electrical fixtures. We offer metal shade structures in various sizes for different large scale commercial applications. Our metal shade structures are highly durable and rated against harsh weather conditions.

Solar Shade Structures

Vector Shade Structures is also an expert in manufacturing solar shade structures for car parking and other covered areas. Solar shade structures feature solar panels instead of fabric or colorbond sheets. The support structure can be made of metal or wooden beams while the frame is made of steel or aluminium. These are multipurpose structures which not only provide shelter and shade but also generate electricity for the properties. Thus, solar shade is a worthwhile investment for businesses wanting to cut down their power costs and protect the environment.

We partner with leading solar energy suppliers to provide the best solar shade structures which withstand severe weather conditions while generating power. The various aspects of the process comprising of site survey, drafting, engineering, council approval, civil, electrical, site security and installation are handled by us.

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