Architectural Shade Structures Gold Coast

Customised Commercial Shade Structures on the Gold Coast

Outdoor Shade Structures are made of a roof supported by columns and can be temporary or permanent. The major function of an outdoor shade structure is to create a comfortable outdoor space by providing protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun, rain, snow and other weather elements. Shade structures can be used for creating outdoor sitting or dining areas in homes and for commercial purposes as well such as outdoor restaurants, playing areas, concert venues, playgrounds and more.

Vector Shade Structures designs and engineers high quality Architectural Shade Structures Gold Coast for commercial purposes. The shade structures are tailored as per the specific dimensions of the outdoor spaces to be covered and the nature of the surrounding architecture. Let’s have a look at the types of shade structures we offer.

Hard Roof Shade Structures

Hard roof shade structures are permanent constructions made of a hard roof of colorbond sheeting or other roofing materials supported by sturdy beams or columns. Vector Shade Structures manufactures multiple types of hard roof Architectural Shade Structures such as colas, pergolas, pavilions, gazebos, arbours and more.

Vector Shade Structures offers hard roof shade structures for a number of purposes such as car parking areas, outdoor dining areas, large covered areas such as playgrounds, bowling greens, tennis courts, basketball courts, mines and more and covered walkways.

Shade Sails Shade Structures

Shade Sails structures are temporary and can be installed and removed whenever required. In this type of shade structure, a fabric is stretched across many anchor points such as poles to form a canopy. The canopy resembles the sails of a boat, hence the name. Multiple shade sails can be easily installed to cover large areas.

Vector Shade Structures provides shade sails in a plethora of materials and colours. The high quality fabrics provide maximum protection against the UV rays of the sun and are waterproof. The shade sails can be ordered for a number of purposes such as car parks, outdoor living areas, canteens, play areas and more.

Solar Panelled Shade Structures

Vector Shade Structures offers a unique kind of shade structure in which the roof is not made of conventional roofing materials but comprises of solar panels instead. Thus, this kind of shade structure not only creates a waterproof outdoor area but also generates electricity. Both domestic households and commercial establishments can use solar panelled shade structures to reduce their energy bills.

We work with reputed suppliers to procure solar panels and has expert technicians to install and maintain the solar panels.

Outdoor Umbrellas

Vector Shade Structures offers both lightweight, retractable and transportable domestic outdoor umbrellas and heavy duty fixed commercial outdoor umbrellas. The fabrics used in the umbrellas are canvas, waterproof PVC and high quality mesh. The frame material is lightweight aluminium or 350-grade steel.

How We can Help

Vector Shade Structures conducts a thorough site survey to determine the dimensions of the site and local weather conditions in order to design the shade structure accordingly. Complete services right from designing and manufacturing to installation are provided to the customers. Contact Vector Shade Structures today for a quote.




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